Designs from the Garden

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

It is a pleasure that you are viewing this blog. This company prides itself in eco-friendly products down to the last stitch.

Making conscience decisions on what a consumer is buying is in the right direction.

When making the decision to buy eco-friendly products produces one less product that is harmful to humans and the earth.

Our products:

Products that a consumer can be proud of buying. Burlap table runners, the burlap is 100% biodegradable which means even if it never make it to the recycling bin it will biodegrade on its own outside in the right conditions.

The paints used are also biodegradable since, they were produced from the earth.

The humble jute plant

jute is grown using only the rain water that is provided by mother nature.

Jute is one of the plants harvested to make burlap.

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